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Free Soundtrack Music is a system for soundtrack music composers to post their music online for royalty free licensing to video producers. ALL of the music in this online library are available for royalty free use in films, videos, video games, YouTube videos or other digital multimedia productions. All recordings labeled as "FREE" can be used without any payment of licensing fees provided that the composer or producer name(s) and the URL (web address) of this web site are included in the "credits" section of your production as described in the licensing terms. Tracks labeled as "1 credit" can be downloaded and licensed with the purchase of credits.

Example selection of tracks from the F.S.M. Royalty Free Music Library:
  • Track Name: City at Night / Length: 5:11 / Status: 1-credit
  • Composer: Olah
  • Description: Chill lounge house.
  • Preview:
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  • Search for similar music by color association: Romantic, sensual and beautiful music

  • Track Name: Upbeat Pop / Length: 1:13 / Status: 1-credit
  • Composer: Fresh_sound
  • Description: Light electronic dance music groove with a dance beat, electric guitar strumming and a happy synthesizer melody. Could work well as intro music for youth-oriented video productions.
  • Preview:
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  • Search for similar music by color association: Energetic, hopeful and inspirational music

  • Track Name: Amorous Cello / Length: 2:40 / Status: FREE
  • Composer: Rick Dickert
  • Description: Slow melodic cello piece accompanied by upright bass, viola and percussion. Suggested for bittersweet romantic scenes, character themes, end credits, transitions, and montages. Also for formal settings, ceremonies, processions, sequences involving nostalgia, contemplation.
  • Preview:
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  • Search for similar music by color association: Romantic, sensual and beautiful music

  • Track Name: Amazing Flea Circus / Length: 3:03 / Status: FREE
  • Composer: Stargazer Jazz
  • Description: A lighthearted, energetic and rhythmic romp which is whimsical and also a little exotic. Begins with a youthful and cheery music box melody and then morphs into heavily percussive patterns blended with echoing trumpet. Soundtrack music for some alien or astounding circus performance. (Might also work as music for belly dancing to.)
  • Preview:
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  • Search for similar music by color association: Imagination and fantasy music

  • Track Name: Willow / Length: 2:14 / Status: 1-credit
  • Composed by Noisy Oyster
  • Description: This is a laid-back Country and Western style composition with the instrumental focus on an acoustic guitar sound. Should be a nice fit for video material with a reflective, sentimental or even romantic theme. Also should be suitable for use as background music for narrative voice-over productions.
  • Preview:
  • More music by Noisy Oyster
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  • Search for similar music by color association: Meditative and spiritual music

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