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C.P.Bryan has been recording and releasing electronic soundscapes, dance grooves and audio collages since the late 1990's using a variety of artist names. He began his involvement with online music distribution systems as the artist formerly known as "Protoflake" on For those who are too young to remember what the internet was like back in the late 1990s, was perhaps THE first implementation of a self-publishing music community which allowed music artists to:
  • upload tracks for sale or for sharing
  • create branded internet radio stations with tracks from any fellow composers/recording artists
  • publish CD albums which were manufactured, sold and distributed through all through the site's online interface
Here is the album art from C.P.Bryan's CD album release on, entitled "Morphing Nothing":

Protoflake Album Artwork

Some of the tracks featured on the "Morphing Nothing" album are now available for royalty free video production use from the F.S.M online music library system. You can find an introduction to Protoflake Music Here.

The Free Soundtrack Music System started as a web application development project. The system design objective was to create an online library of music where video producers could easily browse, preview (audition) and download compositions to use on a royalty free basis in their productions. Initially, the library contained only music composed by C.P.Bryan. Gradually, other composers contacted me with requests to post their tracks on the site too... As of May 2017 the library contains over 1,200 recordings, including contributions from sixteen different composers (or "recording artists") from diverse locations including Canada, U.S., Australia, Europe and Asia...

June 2017 Wesite REBOOT, Party Wreckers!

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A development project proposal from 2014 has be relaunched under the new heading "Party Wreckers Zone". The concept was simple... Question: "How to fix the current dysfunctional state of Western Democracy?" Answer: "Develop an information system which ensures that elected representatives REPRESENT THEIR CONTITUENTS!". The initial Kickstarter campaign for this proposed online system was a failure, but it just seems like the time is ripe for this concept to finally get some traction. Sound intriguing? Please check it out at the Party Wreckers Zone...

New Music Showcase Page for May 2017:

Lowther and Bryan Soundtrack Compositions

A collection of soundtrack compositions by Lowther and Bryan has now been organized into a separate category in the the Free Soundtrack Music Library. This will allow video producers to locate that special "Lowther and Bryan Sound" - which is a whole genre of music unto itself. In this category of music, you will find strange, outlandish, experimental sounds next to cerebral ambient audio trips into the realm of the unknown. To borrow a phrase from The Mighty Boosh: "Come with us on a journey through space and time"...

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If you are looking for more information about C.P.Bryan, there are several other online sources of information, organized by category: For info on music production activities, go to the Music Production Page @ The Internet Annex. For information about C.P.Bryan as a systems developer, go to the Programmer Profile Page. For a more personal story, try out the Life Story of C.P.Bryan.