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As of March 2017, The Free Soundtrack Music library contains over 1,200 royalty free recordings for use in video, film and multimedia projects. Over 20% of those tracks are designated for FREE use, and do not require any credit purchase to download. Registered users (those who have purchased download credits) have access to the full library through advanced search functions, while anonymous visitors to the site can download and use any FREE tracks they may find on the demonstration search listing pages (terms of use apply).

The following are quick links to the resources offered at (More specific technical support and usage questions are answered on the FAQs page.


New Music For 2016:

Russian Guitarist Ilya Truhanov has added an inspiring collection of guitar-based compositions, encompassing a wide range of musical styles including: classical, country, flamenco, jazz and pop. Check out Ilya's music listing page @

Spring 2014 News:

  • Atlanta, Georgia based composer Brandon Simmons has joined the list of soundtrack music producers who post their music at FSM. Publishing his music under the artist name "IAMBRAHMS", Simmons adds a range of adult contemporary, jazz and hip-hop influenced compositions to the FSM production music library. To preview or download IAMBRAHMS music, go to the artist track listing page [HERE].
  • New for April 2014: The "experimental music" search category provides a convenient way to get at the more unconventional and innovative music available @ FSM. Newly added tracks in this category include the surrealist epic "Grenades" and the showcase for Dada Poetry stylings by performance artist Steve Lowther that is "Ten Eighty". Check out the new experimental music listings here.

Fall 2013 News:
  • As of late October 2013, U.S. Recording artist "Noisy Oyster" has joined the list of composers contributing to the freesoundtrackmusic online service. Noisy Oyster produces an eclectic mix of electronic and acoustic atmospheres and audio landscapes well-suited for multimedia production usage. Listen to a sampling of music from this artist [HERE].
  • Just in time for the 2013 winter holiday season, a new search category has been added to the FSM library: The "Christmas" category features a variety of compositions featuring antique sleighbells, heartwarming melodies and various other sentimental or jovial instrumentation which could work well as background music in holiday video montages. To preview the latest additions, check out the Chistmas Holiday Music Page.
Summer 2013 News:
  • The FSM production music library is now searchable according to the dominant muscial instrument or tonal quality of selected recordings. There are 12 initial categories including the following examples:
January 2013 News:
  • Toronto, Ontario composer Rick Dickert offers a range of music compositions suitable for diverse video and film production requirements. For example, the FREE track "Break Away Remix" has a style and feel similar to David Letterman's "Late Night" theme music, whereas his Mediterranean-flavoured "Latin Guitar Combo" presents a "Latin style pattern suggested to underscore images of tropical vacation, casual leisure and luxury". Check out the listing of royalty-free music by Rick Dickert at

Get to know more about the backgrounds of the music composers who contribute compositions to the FSM library by reading the Composer Bios:
Profiles of soundtrack composers/producers featured @
Aleksandra Siemieniuk
Show listing of production music by Aleksandra Siemieniuk

Show listing of production music by Arif_Banto

Show listing of production music by C.P.Bryan

Enrico Altavilla
Show listing of production music by Enrico Altavilla

Francis V
Show listing of production music by Francis V

Show listing of production music by IAMBRAHMS

Ilya Truhanov
Show listing of production music by Ilya Truhanov

John Bannister
Show listing of production music by John Bannister

Lowther & Bryan
Show listing of production music by Lowther & Bryan

Mike Vekris
Show listing of production music by Mike Vekris

Noisy Oyster - (Recording artist based in Western Australia)
Show listing of music by artist "Noisy Oyster"

Show listing of music by artist "Olah"

Rob Belfiore
Show listing of production music by Rob Belfiore

Rick Dickert
Show listing of production music by Rick Dickert

Sergey Rybytskyy
Show listing of production music by Sergey Rybytskyy

Stargazer Jazz
Show listing of production music by Stargazer Jazz

Stephen Graf
Show listing of production music by Stephen Graf

Steve Lowther
Show listing of production music by Steve Lowther

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