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As of September, 2017, The Free Soundtrack Music library contains over 1,200 royalty free recordings for use in video, film and multimedia projects. Over 20% of those tracks are designated for FREE use, and do not require any credit purchase to download. Registered users (those who have purchased download credits) have access to the full library through advanced search functions, while anonymous visitors to the site can download and use any FREE tracks they may find on the demonstration search listing pages (terms of use apply).

The following are quick links to the resources offered at (More specific technical support and usage questions are answered on the FAQs page.


FREE SOUNDTRACK MUSIC additions, August 2017:

New tracks from regular contributing composers Rick Dickert and Enrico Altavilla:

  • From Rick Dickert, 5 new tracks including "Pulse", "Hideaway" and "High Park": [New Tracks by Rick Dickert]
  • From Enrico Altavilla, 2 new tracks: "Lost" and a new composition which will make for very fitting background music in videos documenting the current natural disasters: "A Conquering Spirit": [New Tracks by Enrico Altavilla]

June 2017: June 29: From Germany, composer Joerg Schnitzler offers a range of new tracks in the classic cinematic orchestral style. From the ominous (but somewhat whimsical) "Army Of The Reptile Gods" to the powerful epic "Montana Trek", there is plenty of good soundtrack material for a wide range of dramatic video production uses. You can preview and download this new music from Joerg's Music Listing Page @ Free Soundtrack Music.

June 21: Roman composer / producer Francis V has posted 5 new compositions with styles ranging from "emotionally dramatic" to "contemplative and passionate". Check out the full listing at the Francis V production music listing page.

May 2017:

May 31: Rick Dickert has posted 5 new tracks with different musical styles including the reaggae-flavoured "Dom Reggae" and "Carribean Christmas", plus the country / jazz track "Cottonwood". His new compositions can be previed and downloaded from his track listing page here: Rick Dickert Production Music Listings.

May 24: Enrico Altavilla's newest track "Carmen & Lisa" is a very warm and emotional composition featuring piano with minimal instrumental accompaniment and a lush atmospheric ambience... Preview it here.

2016 Additions Highlights:

Russian Guitarist Ilya Truhanov has added an inspiring collection of guitar-based compositions, encompassing a wide range of musical styles including: classical, country, flamenco, jazz and pop. Check out Ilya's music listing page @

Get to know more about the backgrounds of the music composers who contribute compositions to the FSM library by reading the Composer Bios:
Profiles of soundtrack composers/producers featured @
Aleksandra Siemieniuk
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Enrico Altavilla
Show listing of production music by Enrico Altavilla

Francis V
Show listing of production music by Francis V

Show listing of production music by IAMBRAHMS

Ilya Truhanov
Show listing of production music by Ilya Truhanov

Joerg Schnitzler
Show listing of soundtrack music by Joerg Schnitzler

John Bannister
Show listing of compositions by John Bannister

Lowther & Bryan
Show listing of recordings by Lowther & Bryan

Mike Vekris
Show listing of production music by Mike Vekris

Noisy Oyster - (Recording artist based in Western Australia)
Show listing of music by artist "Noisy Oyster"

Show listing of music by artist "Olah"

Rob Belfiore
Show listing of production music by Rob Belfiore

Rick Dickert
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Sergey Rybytskyy
Show listing of production music by Sergey Rybytskyy

Stargazer Jazz
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Stephen Graf
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Steve Lowther
Show listing of production music by Steve Lowther

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